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Property preservation involves the securing, protecting, and preparing of properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure, default, or are in bank-owned status. The financial hardships that cause these unfortunate situations leave prior homeowners unhappy about losing their homes. As a result, many of these homes are left in poor and sometimes unmarketable conditions.
The rise of REO (real estate owned) properties have created an influx of vacant and/or abandoned homes. As they arise, so do companies that provide property preservation services.
Many lenders and financial institutions are finding it easier and more cost-efficient to use established property preservation companies. Lenders and mortgage companies have even created separate departments that handle properties that require property preservation services.

Regardless if you are a vendor partner, client, or employee with our company, our goal is to build a lasting, lucrative relationship for years to come.

We work diligently to build relationships, and we strive to have one that benefits everyone involved with us!

If you are looking to partner with us, we have provided a surplus of information.

The services we provide, territories that we service, and contact information can all be found within the pages of our website.

Instructional videos for the proper protocol for specific task directives have also been added. Our experience has proven our expertise in the field and we want to ensure you have all the knowledge and information available.

We provide this information for not only potential client partnerships, but for potential and existing vendors who may not have the experience in default property management but possess the right characteristics to perform the work provided per HUD/FHA guidelines.

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