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Equity Shield Services LLC originated in 2009 as a small family owned company. After years of providing default services for financial institutions, asset management companies, brokers, and realtors, our company has built a portfolio of client relationships that have lasted for years.

Our relationship with our property preservation contractors and field representatives are just as important if not more important, as without their hard work and diligence. we would not have experienced the growth they helped make possible.

Our organization has an open door policy. We do our very best to accommodate every issue and obstacle with reason and rationale. Our office is open 7 days a week and our company to date maintains an "easy to talk to" personable relationship with everyone who chooses to do business with us.

It is our honor to work shoulder to shoulder with whomever partners with us!


Michael DeGeorge

owner/Operations Manager:

Tanya DeGeorge

Client Relation Manager:

Rene Spagnola

Client Relation Manager:

Heather  Diaz

Client Relation Manager:

Natasha Shaw

Vendor Manager:

Chris Lewis

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